Ballistic Missile Defense Ship

The LPD-based BMD ship has a proven pedigree

bmd_topimageThis ship design, being developed by Ingalls Shipbuilding, is based on the existing LPD 17 hull. Compared to the current BMD workhorse, this ship would provide a significantly more capable platform for sea-based missile defense systems.

The BMD Ship concept offered by Ingalls Shipbuilding is presented in three different configurations: Single Slewable Array, Three Fixed Arrays (23 ft) or Three Fixed Arrays (30 ft).

The BMD Ship could also be adapted to carry missile defense interceptors, and be equipped with other advanced BMD technology such as rail gun or directed energy systems. When not dedicated to BMD missions, the ship could be available for other tasking (e.g. carrier escort/Command and Control/Surface Action Group/ and Special OPS).

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Ballistic Missile Ship can perform ballistic missile defense missions with the capacity for powerful radars, mission magazines, and command and control systems. Watch the video