BMD Ship: Single Slewable Array

Technical Baseline

Ship is designed for sustained operations and large radar demands.

Ship Capabilities:

  • Installed Electrical Power: ~ 20MW
  • Installed Cooling: ~ 3000 Rtons
  • Propulsion and Generators: Diesel Engines
  • Capable of > 90 day mission without resupply
  • Max Ship Displacement: 32,000 MT (Metric Tons)

Radar Support:

  • Available Power: ~ 7MW
  • Available Cooling: ~ 1,398 RTons
  • Weight Margin: ~1,400 MT

Radar Characteristics

  • LRDR-derivative discriminating S-Band Array
    • Performance: ~SPY+45dB
  • Single array mounted on a Slewable Pedestal
  • Search, Track & Discrimination stabilized with ship motion and heading
  • Leverages LRDR discrimination algorithms
  • Raid handling supported through a combination of mechanical and electronic slewing


  • Independent – Self deployable at 20+ kts, high endurance
  • Multi-Mission – Provides own defense and capable of other missions
  • Mobile & Versatile – Readily relocatable, adapts to changing threat axis – offers flexible protection
  • Persistent – Single ship provides up to 82 percent time on station
  • Robust – LRDR-class discrimination, Electronic FOV handles raids >~250 sec
  • Resilient – Based on survivable warship design Radar leverages LRDR resilient design
  • Extensible – Flexible platform with substantial margins supports wide range of lifetime sensor, weapon, and mission upgrades


  • Based on the LPD Hull Form
  • Shock Hardened, Survivable
  • Self-Defense – Independent
  • 16 MK41 VLS cells w/64 ESSM (Enhanced Sea Sparrow Missiles)
  • Growth available for SM-3 or other VLS-capable weapons
BMD Single Slewable Array Spec Sheet

Download the BMD Single Slewable Array Spec Sheet.