Work Keys Testing

What is Work Keys?

Work Keys is a job skills assessment that Newport News Shipbuilding uses to assist us to select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high performance workforce. Work Keys testing is only required for certain entry-level positions.

What are the types of Work Keys Tests?

  • Listening – Listen to brief audio segments describing work-related scenarios.
  • Workplace Observation – Watch a video evaluating processes, demonstrations and other on-the-job procedures. Measures employees’ observation skills.
  • Reading – Read passages that reflect demands of the workplace.
  • Applied Mathematics – Mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques.
  • Locating Information – Find information in a graphic or insert information into a graphic.

What entry-level positions require Work Keys testing?

  • Structural Welder (Locating Information and Workplace Observation tests)
  • Pipe Fitter (Locating Information and Applied Mathematics tests)
  • Deck/Marine Electrician (Locating Information and Applied Mathematics tests)
  • Machinist (Locating Information and Applied Mathematics tests)
  • Nuclear Refueler (Locating Information and Applied Mathematics )
  • Fitter (Locating Information and Workplace Observation)
  • Marine Coating/Marine Painting (Locating Information and Workplace Observation)
  • Insulator (Locating Information and Workplace Observation)

What are the passing scores?

  • Structural Welder – Locating Information 3, Workplace Observation 2
  • Pipe Fitter – Locating Information 4, Applied Mathematics 4
  • Deck/Marine Electrician – Locating Information 4, Applied Mathematics 4
  • Machinist  – Locating Information 4, Applied Mathematics 4
  • Nuclear Refueler – Locating Information 4, Applied Mathematics 5
  • Fitter – Locating Information 4, Workplace Observation 2 (Effective August 1, 2017)
  • Marine Coating/Marine Painting – Locating Information 3, Workplace Observation 2
  • Insulator – Locating Information 3, Workplace Observation 2

What happens after taking the Work Keys test?

Candidates will be notified via e-mail with his/her test results within 3-5 days of testing. If a candidate successfully passes the tests, they will be contacted for an interview if a position is still available. If the candidate fails one/both of his/her tests, they will be given information on how to re-test at Thomas Nelson Community College.