MyHR – Professional Development and Performance Management

The new MyHR Professional Development and Performance Management (PDPM) tool will be available to salaried employees beginning in December 2016. The tool is designed to transform and simplify the Professional Development and Performance Management process leaving more time for face-to-face employee/manager discussions.

All salaried employees and managers will use the new online tool to create their 2017 Professional Development and Performance Agreement plans. You’ll find there’s a lot to like about the new MyHR tool.

View a video message from John Shifflett, Newport News Shipbuilding director of leadership and organization development, about what to expect with the new, secure and easy online MyHR process. Then get started developing your plans using the downloadable reference guides and “How To” videos.

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Introducing a simplified paper-free development goals and performance plan process

For additional guidance on the Performance Management process, please review Corporate Policy CP H5, “Performance Management” on Corporate Command Media.

Log into MyHR

Log into MyHR


  • 100 percent paper-free; includes electronic signatures
  • Personalize homepage with moveable information tiles
  • Develop goals with the help of a wizard and goal library
  • Spell check, language scan and writing assistant
  • Activity tracker captures employee tasks
  • Downloadable mobile app for updating goals and plans
  • Incorporate feedback from customers and colleagues


  • Keep manager up to date on activities, achievements, priorities and progress for more meaningful one-on-ones
  • Ensure activities always align to goals, even as they change throughout the year
  • Capture achievements as they happen to more easily prepare for mid-year and year-end performance reviews

What’s New?

With the new MyHR tool you can stimulate more continuous dialogue and feedback between managers and employees, helping them have more structured conversations about how to align and improve performance.

myhr570Professional Development

  • Development plans are maintained online
  • Employees and managers are able to track completed activities and identify new development opportunities as needed
  • Optional quarterly development plan check-ins

Goal Management

  • Managers are able to cascade goals to employees
  • Employees are able to add additional goals and sub-goals
  • Employees may share goals with peers
  • Goals can be easily updated throughout the year
  • Changes are tracked and visible in real time
  • Electronic signatures

Performance Management

  • Continuous performance management
  • Employees complete self-assessments in real time and are visible to managers
  • Managers and employees can incorporate feedback from customers and colleagues
  • 5-level performance rating scale


Performance Management/Goal Management Questions and Answers

Q. Will I need a User ID and Password to access my Professional Development & Performance Agreement?
An icon for this module will be placed on user desktops in December. A User ID and Password will temporarily be needed until mid-2017, when the next phase of the MyHR system will be implemented. At that time, a separate User ID and Password logon will no longer be required.

Q. Will MyHR have the same 90-day password change requirements?
Yes. MyHR passwords will need to be reset every 90 days.

Q. How will my personal information be securely handled within the myHR system?
Employees’ personal information is of utmost importance and will remain secure like it is today. MyHR has high security parameters to ensure your information is protected and kept confidential.

Q. Since Performance Agreements will now be electronic, who will have access to it?
By using role-based security measures, employee performance agreements will only be visible to the employee, their immediate supervisor or manager, second-line manager, and Human Resources.

Q. Is completing a Professional Development & Performance Agreement mandatory?
Yes. Professional Development & Performance Agreements are beneficial to employees and are expected. MyHR will allow managers to cascade and share performance goals with employees and peers; encourage collaboration between managers and employees on establishing and updating development and performance goals; allow for providing and sharing self-assessments; allow prompt informal check-ins as well as more formal reviews and discussions; and, access development libraries and other helpful resources.

Q. I am a new hire. How will I get my Professional Development and Performance Agreement Form (PDPA)?
On the 15th, and during the last day of each month (Jan – Sept), the MyHR system will “ping” for new hires and automatically launch a form to them. If an employee is hired during the fourth quarter of the calendar year, a PDPA is not required until the next performance management cycle.

Q. Should I complete a Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) for an employee who is currently out on a medical leave of absence?
No. The PDPA may be completed when the employee returns from medical leave.

Q. What considerations should I take for an employee who has been out on a medical leave of absence during the reporting period?
The rater will enter a 0.9 rating indicating there was insufficient information to report during the evaluation period to formulate a valid rating.

Q. How many performance goals should I have?
The number of critical performance goals is determined jointly by supervisors and their employees. Although 6 goals are considered to be a reasonable range, having less than 6 goals is acceptable when agreed upon between the employee and supervisor.

Q. Do all performance goals have to meet the SMART criteria?
Supervisors and employees should work together to ensure that all goals meet the SMART criteria. Additional guidance for writing SMART goals can be found under Section IV-Goals on the Professional Development and Performance Agreement form.

Learn more about SMART goals

Q. There has been a change in management. Employee goals that were already entered and approved in MyHR by the original supervisor need to be changed. Can the Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) form be reset?
Professional Development and Performance Agreement forms cannot be reset. The new supervisor and employee should discuss the new performance goals. Employees may then edit existing goals, delete old goals, or merely change the status of goals indicating “Job Change” in order to retain previous job history. New goals may be added at any time under the MyHR Home-Goals page. The supervisor will receive a MyHR email notification when the employee makes any changes to their goals. Changes will only remain accessible and visible under the employees MyHR Home-Goals page and will not reflect on the employees PDPA form until the next performance review cycle opens. At that time, the supervisor and employee will review and approve those goals.

Q. I understand that when I complete the Professional Development & Performance Agreement (PDPA) form in the new MyHR system my information will be completely visible to my manager. Will my manager have access to all my personal information in the HR system or just to the information in the PDPA?
Information in the Professional Development and Performance Management tool will be available in real-time and will be completely visible to you and your manager. Personal information such as benefits, dependents, payroll, etc. remains private to the employee as it currently is today.

Q. What are cascaded goals, and how do they work?
To ensure alignment with organizational objectives, managers and supervisors have the opportunity to assign performance goals to employees in their reporting chain. Typically, goals will be cascaded from managers to employees who are part of their work group.

Q. Can managers recall a cascaded goal that was sent to their employees?
Once a goal has been cascaded, it cannot be recalled. The manager can access each respective direct reports’ performance agreement and delete the cascaded goal, or just ask the respective employees to delete it.

Q. As a manager, if I delete a goal that was cascaded to my direct reports, will it automatically delete from my direct reports performance agreement too?
No. Cascaded goals will remain on direct report performance agreements even if the manager chooses to delete it from their own.

Q. What visibility do managers and employees have between private vs. public goals?
Managers can see employee private goals. However, when a manager marks his/her goal private, it cannot be seen by direct reports unless he/she has cascaded it to them.

Q. Who is eligible to set a development action plan?
All non-represented employees should work collaboratively with their supervisor to set a reasonable and achievable development plan that is intended to increase employee readiness for future assignments or future jobs if successfully completed. These goals and learning activities are documented in Section III, Professional Development Plan.

Q. Can employees ask for development actions or are they limited to those recommended by their supervisor?
Employees are urged to initiate requests or offer ideas for development activities. Before finalizing development actions, employees and supervisors must agree to ensure adequate resources are available to support annual development actions.

Q. Can I make changes to my development plans and performance goals anytime throughout the year?
Yes. The system supports real time updates for development plans and performance goals, which will appear on the Professional Development & Performance Agreement. The process and form management will be completed entirely online with features to make all changes, updates, and progress visible to both the employee and manager. An email notification will be sent to the manager employee whenever changes are made. Manager approval occurs at the next mandatory approval stage (e.g. mid-year or year-end). Updates can even be made from a home computer, smart phone or tablet.

Q. What actions are expected when an employee transfers to another department during the performance year?
Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) forms will automatically route to the new manager according to SAP Work Flow. MyHR will allow the new manager to easily request 3rd Party Feedback from the prior manager to help provide input to previous goals. Performance in both jobs will be taken into account by the new manager for an overall performance rating.

Q. What are optional Quarterly Development Plan Check-in’s?
Check-in opportunities will be made available during April and October to remind managers and employees to check progress on professional development plans, and to identify any needs for assistance in supporting progress or overcoming obstacles.

Q. What is 3rd Party Feedback?
Managers may easily request feedback from a key customer or work team member through the MyHR system regarding employee performance. Although the system only enables managers to ‘Ask for Feedback’, employees may also contact 3rd parties by email asking them to provide feedback about them to their manager.

Q. When do I fill out Section I – High Ethics & Values and Company Values?
The form contains descriptions of our Values, and your manager should discuss in detail his or her expectations on these for the year, however, for planning purposes, you do not need to fill this section out at the beginning of the year.

Q. How do I determine the Job Responsibilities that should appear in Section II of the Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) form without repeating an employee’s job description?
You should have a conversation with your manager on specific elements to be included in this section. Start with the common job classification system description, then supplement or tailor with specific responsibilities to be performed in the role. This section may be used to outline other specific knowledge, skill, or ability expectations in job, which may not already be included in Section IV-Goals.

Q. How is progress measured during the mid-year review?
You should expect a mid-year coaching session on your progress towards your goals. This may include adjusting goals to reflect changing conditions and priorities. If your manager does not initiate a mid-year coaching session, you should request one.

Q. Since Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) forms are now being done electronically, do managers still need to provide copies of employee’s final year-end Performance Agreements to Human Resources?
Providing copies of completed PDPA’s to Human Resources is no longer required. Electronic PDPA’s are stored in the manager and employee’s MyHR Completed folders and can be retrieved by authorized Human Resources personnel.

Q. Are employees expected to retain copies of their in-progress and completed Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) forms?
We recommend that all salaried employees retain copies of the current (in-progress) PDPA forms along with past Performance Agreements forms in order to monitor progress of current year and multiple year objectives and development plans.

Q. How can I print a copy of my Professional Development and Performance Agreement (PDPA) form?
During the “Employee Goal Setting” or “Manager Goal Review” stages, the PDPA may be printed by clicking on the printer icon found at the top of the MyHR Home-Performance page.  Once the PDPA has been approved by the manager, the form will need printed from the MyHR Home-Performance page. Click on the form “info” button (blue encircled letter “i”) located to the far right under the “Action” column. Under the “Audit Trail” section, click on “Modify” next to the employee name and the form will open to allow .pdf printing.

Q. Is a new performance rating scale being used for 2017 Professional Development & Performance Agreements?
Yes. The following 5-level performance rating scale will come into use during the year-end 2017 Professional Development & Performance Agreement evaluation.

5.0 Far Exceeds Expectations
4.0 Exceeds Expectations
3.0 Meets Expectations
2.0 Development Required
1.0 Improvement Required

More about the rating scale

Q. Is the final rating supposed to be based on the numerical average of Job Responsibilities, Goals, and the Ethics and Values ratings, or a subjective evaluation of the employee’s overall performance based on those ratings and other factors?
The program does not prescribe the use of numerical averages in determining the Overall Evaluation. Section II-Job Responsibilities is an evaluation of how well the employee met expectations for their job. Section I-Company Values is an evaluation of HOW or the extent to which the employee demonstrated the company’s Code of Ethics in achieving the expected results. Section IV-Goals is an evaluation of WHAT the employee has delivered relative to the goals set for the review period. The supervisor and the employee should discuss the relative importance of each goal. The supervisor must use judgment in determining the individual’s overall performance level based on all three sets of performance criteria.

Q. If a person meets ALL their business goals, but behaves in a manner inconsistent with our Code of Ethics, are we really expected to rate them as a 1? Will the same measure hold true for management employees?
The Huntington Ingalls’ Code of Ethics and Business Conduct are the same for supervisory and non-supervisory employees and we expect everyone to behave in a manner that is consistent with our values in the execution of their day-to-day responsibilities. Failure to behave in accordance with the values may result in lowering the level of overall performance.

Q. What if I disagree with my performance rating?
If you disagree with your rating, you are encouraged to have a conversation with your immediate supervisor or manager about your different perspectives, then document your comments on your Professional Development and Performance Agreement.

Q. What happens during the Organization Approval stage?
Human Resources will review Professional Development and Performance Agreements to help ensure managers throughout the organization were consistent in how they evaluated employees. These reviews help make sure employees are measured fairly using the 5-point rating scale

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