HII Veterans: We Still Serve

We asked our employees how their military service prepared them for work at Huntington Ingalls Industries. Here's what they said.

"When the ship is out to sea, quality work is a must for everyone...The sailors depend on each other to do their job right, the first time" - Eddie Bouie, Newport News Shipbuilding
"The military gave me a sense of character and discipline. The training I received helped me become a better individual and a more responsible person. It prepared me for life!" - James C. Stork, Ingalls Shipbuilding
"My military service taught me how important it is to work as a team, have respect for others, and take responsibility for my actions...It made me the person I am today." - Kathy D'Andria, Newport News Shipbuilding
"My military service instilled in me a 'can do' or, more to the point, a 'must do' attitude. Having a mindset makes it almost impossible to simply quit on something when things are not going your way." - Kyle W. Baker, Ingalls Shipbuilding
"My military service prepared me to work at HII...I truly believe my time in the service contributed to meeting the qualifications as a performance coach for HII" - Eric Goolsby, Newport News Shipbuilding
"I'm very glad to have joined the military. I would do it again to serve my country and preserve our freedom." - Dewey Youngerman, Continental Maritime San Diego (CMSD)
"Working for Newport News Shipbuilding has brought me full circle from building models as a boy to building the real things as an adult. Thanks for the journey." - Troy E. Pickrel, Newport News Shipbuilding
"The military demands and will hold you accountable for your actions...You must hold yourself to the highest standard at all times. By being honest, you keep your credibility." - Benny R. French, Ingalls Shipbuilding
"Taking the initiative, listening, and following the guidance of your mentor. Knowing leadership at all levels." - George E. Barrett III, Newport News Shipbuilding
"I believe my military training has disciplined me to be a better person and to maintain a higher standard. I know I am a better person with all my experiences, good and bad." - Kirk L. Dyer, Ingalls Shipbuilding
"I joined the Navy in 1969 and spent 20 fun-filled as a surface warfare officer...Unbeknownst to me, I was preparing for AMSEC while still on active duty." - Dennis Plank, AMSEC

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