Freedom, Shaped By Smart Investment

A multi-ship purchase approach for the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier fleet will save American taxpayers more than $2 billion.

Reduced acquisition cost of the Ford class and increased CVN fleet size are two goals of the Government/Shipbuilder team. In order to achieve these goals, the best approach is to begin building Ford class ships in three- to four-year construction intervals (versus the five year plan of record) using single contract multi-ship procurements beginning with CVN 80 and CVN 81.

This approach requires less annual funding than the program of record funding profile for individual ship procurements and will save  more than $2 billion.

The advance purchase of construction materials ensures:

Greater efficiency in construction

This approach would maximize the material procurement savings benefit through economic order quantities (EOQ) procurement and provide labor efficiencies.

A stronger industrial base

The companies that provide parts and products for the construction of aircraft carriers will be able to maintain a healthy and robust workforce, invest in machinery and job training improvements to boost the production processes, increase efficiencies, and drive down the cost of components and products. This approach supports thousands of jobs in a supply chain of more than 2,000 companies across 46 states.

The time is now to leverage potential efficiencies in the aircraft carrier industrial base to reduce construction costs on future Ford-class carriers, a critical action that enables the growth to the Navy the Nation Needs (NNN) including a 12 CVN fleet.

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When two aircraft carriers are purchased at one time, it not only saves American taxpayers more than two billion dollars – it supports more than 2,000 suppliers across 46 states with contracts worth more than $8 billion. Every carrier brings innovation to American jobs, is a testament to our economic strength, and serves our country for 50 years, making it a unique and valuable long-term investment in our Nation’s freedom. Huntington Ingalls Industries…Hard Stuff Done Right.

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