LPD Flight IIA


LPD Flight IIA is the proven solution for the next generation amphibious transport dock, called “LX(R)” by the U.S. Navy.. Flight IIA is a capable variant of the amphibious transport dock LPD 17. Utilizing the LPD 17’s proven hull, Flight IIA is adaptable and can be tailored for specific mission payloads as well as command and decision requirements.

Why Flight IIA?

LPD Flight IIA is the affordable, capable, adaptable and survivable next generation amphibious ship, a suitable replacement to the Harpers Ferry and Whidbey Island classes of dock landing ships.

Listening to our customer’s desires for a platform that could conduct stand alone missions, the original LPD Flight IIA design was fitted with a fully capable helo hangar, selective Command and Control systems and an Intel space to enhances situation awareness for the ship and the fleet.

Affordable: Flight IIA offers the opportunity for uncommon affordability in a new class of ships by using the LPD 17 Class as the baseline for LX(R) or LSD replacement ships. Flight IIA avoids growing pains that accompany the introduction of a new ship design to save costs and shorten time to delivery.

Building on a legacy of proven equipment and systems, Flight IIA maintains commonality with existing fleet assets to provide added value by capitalizing on existing logistics support, crew training and knowledge base for sailors and marines.

Capable: Based upon the proven LPD 17 platform, Flight IIA is an adaptable, capable ship ready to perform all aspects of amphibious warfare using landing craft or air assets. It’s inherent design margins enable tailoring the platform for a wide range of mission capabilities.

Survivable: Flight IIA builds on the investment and legacy of survivability designed into the LPD 17 class ships.

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