Flight IIA vs. LPD 17

LPD Flight IIA revises the configuration of the LPD 17 Class Ship’s proven baseline design to provide adaptable space and weight for a full range of future mission requirements and payloads. Flight II is a cost-effective alternative to a new unproven design.

How is Flight IIA different than LPD 17?

  • Flight IIA reduces troop capacity from 800 to 500. This reduction leads to the elimination or modification to associated spaces such as habitability, work spaces, stores, etc.
  • Medical facilities such as wards and operating rooms are reduced by 50 percent.
  • The helicopter hangar and associated aviation workspaces and storage are eliminated.
  • The MK 46 30mm gun weapon system is replaced with a MK 38 Mod 2 remote controlled 25mm chain gun providing offensive and defensive ability.
  • RCS features on masts, bulwarks and boat stations are eliminated topside and internal CPS zones are reduced from five to one.
  • The mission of the ship to serve as an amphibious command and control platform is eliminated and associated equipment is deleted.
  • The AN/SPS-48E air search radar is replaced with a TRS-3D which is currently outfitted on the National Security Cutter providing a more suitable sensor for its mission.
  • Cooperative engagement is eliminated.

What’s the same as LPD 17?

  • Hull form and machinery spaces
  • Overall ship dimensions.
  • Passageway width
  • Arrangement of inclined ladders for ease of access
  • Co-location of armories with troop berthing
  • Overall high quality of life aboard
  • Weapons capability
  • Flight deck fueling capacity and helicopter control station maintained with a newly designed helo hangar.