LX(R) vs. LSD

LX(R) revises the configuration of the LPD 17 Class Ship’s proven baseline design to provide adaptable space and weight for a full range of future mission requirements and payloads. LX(R) is a cost-effective alternative to a modified proven design.

What’s the same as LPD 17?

  • Hull form and machinery spaces
  • Overall ship dimensions
  • Passageway width
  • Arrangement of inclined ladders for ease of access
  • Co-location of armories with troop berthing
  • Overall high quality of life aboard
  • Weapons capability
  • Vehicle square, landing craft and aviation capability

How is LPD Derivative different than LSD?

  • Upgraded Combat Systems that includes CEC, RAM BLK 2, SEWIP BLK 2, NULKA and NIXIE
  • Survivability improvements comprising of structural strengthening against whipping, fragmentation protection, CPS and water mist fire fighting
  • Greater Airport facilities: Hangar for CH-53, MV-22 or AH/UH-1 aircraft, O-level maintenance amenities, 43,000 lb bridge crane, 15 ton mobile crane
  • Lift differences include 8,000 sf more vehicle capacity than Harpers Ferry-class LSD and larger troop capability: 630 vs 500
  • Level 2 Hospital capability with 2 ORs, 18 wards, 6 ICUs and 2 dental ORs
  • Enhanced C4ISRT with both CIC and LFOC including LINK 16, JREAP-C, GBS, SSEE Inc F, Intelligence Carry On Program GCCS-M, CENTRIX and CANES
  • More efficient Seaport capabilities include an electro-hydraulic stern gate, full service boat repair, rapid ballast and well deck for 2 LCAC / Ship-to-shore connector or 1 LCU
  • General arrangement improvements to better accommodate new mission capabilities such as Distributed Lethality
  • Centralized hydraulics replaced with electric equipment and point of use hydraulic systems
  • Legacy A/C replaced with high more efficiency plants