N3B Los Alamos – Employment

N3B plans to hire hundreds of employees in numerous positions to support the environmental cleanup mission at Los Alamos National Laboratory. N3B will hold information sessions for current bridge contractor and prospective new employees in the near future. Details about those sessions will be posted here and in other communication media.

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Updated 3/2/18

Who is N3B?

N3B was awarded the legacy cleanup contract at Los Alamos by the DOE. N3B is a new company created by two long-standing DOE-EM contractors with decades of mission-completion records:  Stoller Newport News Nuclear (SN3) and BWXT Technical Services Group (BWXT). SN3 and BWXT are joined in the contract with two critical subcontractors, Tech 2 Solutions (T2S) and Longenecker & Associates (L&A).

You can read more about N3B on our Executive Summary

What is the work N3B will be doing?

N3B is taking over the work currently being performed under the LANS Bridge Contract. You can read about the scope of work here.

What types of jobs are you hiring for?

N3B will need a wide variety of jobs to execute the contract successfully. We will staff the entire company as a stand-alone enterprise, from the business services to the cleanup work. N3B will use a few services from the Lab, and those services will be delineated by specific agreements between LANS & N3B. But generally speaking, there will be a wide variety of job opportunities with N3B.

When will we know more about the specific jobs that will be open?

Job listings will be posted in early March. Please check our website for updates.

When will you be hiring? When will I start work?

We expect to start making offers in March. The transition is expected to last 90 days, until late April, and we may be hiring throughout that time frame. Our new employees will start work the first day of the N3B Base Period for the contract.  (There will be no break in service; the LANS Bridge Contract will end one day and the N3B contract will start the next day.)

How will N3B work with LANS to move employees from the Bridge Contract to the new contract?

N3B is working closely with LANS, as well as with EM-LA and NA-LA, to execute a smooth transition. LANS has provided N3B with a list of all LANS employees who have charged some portion of their time in the last fifteen months to cleanup work.  We reached out to those LANS employees in February via email, and conducted nine N3B Employee Information Meetings for them.

We realize there are other employees, both inside and outside LANS, who may have worked on cleanup in the past, or who may be interested in working for N3B, and we welcome you to consider us!

How many current LANS legacy cleanup employees do you expect to get, and how many do you think you’ll hire from the outside?

We do not know the specific answer to this question, yet. We expect to build a work environment, and offer a compensation package, such that the vast majority of LANS Bridge Contract employees will be interested in working for N3B.

However, we understand that everyone has individual circumstances, and not everyone will be able to or willing to move over. We will be filling our job postings with the most qualified and experienced workforce that we can.

We have a number of LANS-employee specific questions in this FAQ, please see below.

If I am not a legacy cleanup employee, or am not a current LANS employee, can I be considered for a job with N3B?

Yes! We will need to fill a wide variety of new positions at N3B, and will be looking for a highly qualified staff to fill those positions.

What about subcontractors?

We know that a lot of important cleanup is being performed by subcontractors working for LANS. We will be meeting with the subcontracting companies during transition to discuss the continuation of work. If you are working on cleanup through a subcontractor, please know that we are aware of that work, and will be working with the subcontracting companies.

I am a current LANS legacy cleanup employee – will I get a First Right of Refusal letter?

Per the contract that N3B has with the DOE, there are a number of current LANS employees who will receive a First Right of Refusal letter for their jobs.

There are very specific requirements around the First Right of Refusal. The requirements include whether or not the current position tracks to a position at N3B such that the work for the job position is  “substantially equivalent”, and is not a management position. We expect that a great many positions will receive a First Right of Refusal letter.

However, regardless of whether a position receives a First Right of Refusal, N3B is interested in hiring the most qualified and experienced work force that we can. As reiterated elsewhere in this FAQ, we expect to build a work environment, and offer a compensation package, such that the vast majority of cleanup employees will be interested in working for N3B.

What can you tell us about salaries, benefits, seniority, service credit, etc?

We recognize these are extremely important questions, and our human resources plan calls for offering a highly competitive compensation package and benefit package.

We look forward to sharing the details of that package with potential employees during the employment process.

What is the process for getting on with N3B?

All jobs will be posted online, and the process includes applying for those positions online.

We encourage everyone to apply for whichever positions are of interest to you.

Please see the website for updates.

What if I am a LANS legacy cleanup employee, and I think I will get a First Right of Refusal, do I still need to apply for a job?

We are asking that you apply for whichever jobs are of interest to you.

There are three reasons for this from N3B’s perspective: first, it will help our future employees hire in to the job they are most interested in; second, it will help us to be able to fully staff our new company, for those people who do not get a First Right of Refusal letter; third, multiple people may have a substantially equivalent position for a job, but First Rights of Refusal letters will be sent to only one person at a time in order of most substantially equivalent.

It is important to note that even if you apply for another job than the one you are currently doing – that does NOT affect whether or not you would receive a First Right of Refusal letter.  If the job you are currently doing as a LANS legacy cleanup employee is substantially equivalent to a job we are creating, and you are not a manager, then you will receive a First Right of Refusal letter. You would receive this letter in that case regardless of whether you applied for another job, and even regardless of whether you applied for the same job.

What is a “Critical Subcontractor”, and why would I be hired by one of them instead of by N3B?

N3B chose to involve two highly specialized small businesses within the LLCC team as integrated critical subcontractors. While the inclusion of the small businesses is responsive to the subcontracting and small business targets established by DOE in the LLCC RFP, these two companies were selected because of their recognized technical expertise — Tech2Solutions includes the #1 water company in the world, and L&A, the widely recognized leader in Quality Assurance and Contractor Assurance throughout the DOE complex — which complement N3B’s capabilities, objectives and vision. While not members of the N3B LLC, these small businesses are part of the the integrated team assembled to address the legacy cleanup at Los Alamos and will be involved throughout N3B’s contract term.

Each of the critical subcontractors have a defined share of the LLCC scope, which was detailed in N3B’s technical proposal.  T2S is responsible for the water program, including the remediation of the chromium and RDX plumes, including drilling and other associated activities.  L&A is responsible for the independent contractor assurance system and for support to quality assurance.   Therefore, incumbent LANS employees that currently perform these functions will map to positions with the small businesses, rather than with N3B.

  • Employment with the subcontractors is no less secure than employment with N3B.
  • Employees of the subcontractors will work with and among N3B employees as peers and equals to achieve LLCC success.
  • Subcontractors are directly accountable to the N3B leadership team, each reporting directly to an N3B Direct Report to the Program Manager.
  • While actual hiring and on-boarding may be conducted by the subcontractors using their corporate programs and processes, the mapping and hiring activities are fully coordinated with N3B.
  • The subcontractors intend to provide competitive salaries and benefits programs, with the goal of total compensation packages that are comparable to incumbent employees current pay and benefit values.

The Critical Subcontractors, T2S and L&A, are part of the 10-year contract with the DOE.

What is the division of work amongst N3B, T2S and L&A?

Please see the FAQ section above, “What is a “Critical Subcontractor,” and why would I be hired by one of them instead of N3B?” for a high-level breakdown of the different work scope owned by each entity.

How long is the EM work at Los Alamos?

The current lifecycle baseline for cleanup work at Los Alamos estimates that cleanup work will continue through 2035.  That timeline is dependent, of course, on funding levels, and on whether or not additional contamination is found and more remediation is needed.

The N3B contract is for ten years: an initial five years, with two extensions for an additional five years, for a total of ten years.

What about N3B would make me want to leave LANS to work for you?

The leadership team will develop an atmosphere that will make N3B a highly attractive place to work for those who wish to continue supporting the EM mission at the site. Our salaries and benefits will be competitive, but we think the differentiator will be opportunity and growth for employees, and achievement of important cleanup work for the community. Our approach is to be open, honest, accurate, and timely with all our contract activities and communications.  Also, we’ll be building a new company from the ground up, so there is a lot of opportunity for new ideas to make a meaningful difference.

What opportunities for advancement can I expect?

Advancement opportunities will depend on each position and where it is located in the organization.  However, one of the exciting things about this contract is that we will be building a new company from the ground up, so we think there will be ample opportunity for advancement, or to do something different.

Also, the N3B parent companies as well as the critical subcontractors, T2S and L&A, each have contracts and opportunities at multiple DOE and NNSA sites, which may be of interest to those who later may want to explore career opportunities around the DOE complex.

Will my clearance transfer over, and if I’m currently in the process of getting a clearance, will that process continue?

Generally speaking, yes; clearances will transfer, and the process for those awaiting clearances will not change. However, clearances are job-dependent, and not all clearances may be maintained though the life of the contract.

How do I follow the hiring process?

You can check our website, where we will post updates.  Also, you can sign up for email updates by emailing info@hii-n3b.com.

I hear you specifically invited some LANS employees to Employee Info Meetings, but I did not get an invitation. Does that mean you’re not interested in employing me?

It definitely does not mean we are not interested! N3B is interested in hiring the most qualified and experienced workforce we can.

We were provided a list of LANS legacy cleanup employees by LANS based on time charged to cleanup in the last 15 months, and those employees were invited to a LANS-focused N3B Employee Meeting.

We are having additional meetings open to everyone interested in working for N3B, whether or not you have ever worked on cleanup, or even if you do not currently work at the Lab. Please check our website for details.

Where will your office be located, and will my work location change?

N3B employees will work in several different locations depending on their specific organization and duties.  Some N3B employees will be co-located with the EM-LA Office in the Pueblo School Complex.  Most CH-TRU workers will be located in trailers near Area G and TA-54.  Other trailers located on LANL property and office spaces in the Los Alamos area will be determined during transition.  Bridge Contract workers located in TA-3 should expect to have a different office under N3B, as we do not expect to retain any TA-3 offices.

FAQs specific to current LANS legacy cleanup employees:

During several LANS-focused N3B Employee Meetings, a number of questions came up that are mostly relevant to LANS employees. Answers are below:

Will accrued leave and sick time be carried over to N3B?

Yes, vacation and sick leave will be carried over.

Will service to be carried over?

Service credit for benefit purposes will be carried over.

When will the organization charts be posted?

Our goal is to have the organization charts and jobs posted at the same time. We are planning for early March.

How does the First Right of Refusal work?

If your current position is non-management, and the job description and duties match that of what N3B needs for support and is considered “substantially equivalent”,then you will receive a “First Right of Refusal” letter. Note, however, that because LANS supported the cleanup scope in matrix fashion, multiple people may have worked part time on substantially equivalent scope. Only one First Right of Refusal letter will be issued at a time. Follow-on letters may issued if the first offer is not accepted.

What will the hours and duty stations be?  Will they change?

Work hours and duty stations are being determined as part of the transition process.

What type of interface with existing access will there be, i.e., Apollo readers?

We are working to keep most access procedures the same initially, subject to agreements with LANS.

Will deductibles for health insurance be carried over to new insurance?

We are looking into the details of deductible carryover with our broker and carrier at this time.

Will Critical Subcontractor carry over service credit and accruals for PTO/Vacation/sick?

N3B and our Critical Subcontractors will address service credits from a team perspective.

How is N3B going to stand up programs? Are they going to “blue sheet” LANS programs or start fresh?

We will Blue Sheet initially and then ask the incumbent staff to help with on-going improvement to procedures.

How do I apply for a job with a Critical Subcontractor?

All jobs will be posted on hii-n3b.com.

When can we expect more communication?

Please continue to check our website under Employment.

Who from the transitional team is staying on the contract?

The persons identified on the organization chart on the Executive Summary will be part of the N3B team after transition.

How many FTE’s per contractor will there be?

L&A – @20 – Quality Assurance

T2S – @70 – Water Programs

N3B – the remainder

Note: N3B is likely to subcontract for some of the contract scope.

Will I get a First Right of Refusal letter no matter what?

Not necessarily. You will receive a letter if you are in a position that is a “First Right of Refusal” position, which is a non-management position, and one which is considered a “substantially equivalent position” to an N3B position. However, the N3B organization will not match directly to the current LANS organization.  Also, if more than one LANS incumbent maps as a substantially equivalent position to an N3B position, only one First Right of Refusal letter will be issued at a time. A second (or third) First Right of Refusal letter will only be issued if the preceding offers are not accepted.  So it is possible you could be evaluated as having a substantially equivalent position, but NOT get a First Right of Refusal letter.

However, it is worth noting again that whether or not a position receives a First Right of Refusal, N3B is interested in hiring the most qualified and experienced work force we can.