Ethics & Compliance

Always Do The Right Thing

At HII, every decision we make—no matter how small—is guided by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and by our Company Values: Integrity, Safety, Honesty, Engagement, Responsibility and Performance. These values are the foundation of our ethical culture—a culture that inspires us to do the right thing each and every day.

Watch the video to hear HII President and CEO Mike Petters discuss our ethics and compliance philosophy: “Always do the right thing, especially when no one is looking”

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Our program not only provides employees with guidelines for your daily work life, it helps all of us demonstrate the values that serve as the foundation for how we conduct business at HII.

Our company posture presents us with an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to a strong set of values and a vital ethics and business conduct program.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a statement of our commitment to integrity and high ethical standards in all that we do at Huntington Ingalls Industries, defining what we expect from our officers, directors and employees as we perform our jobs. It also defines the conduct we expect of non-employees who act on the company’s behalf in any capacity.

Mike PettersLeaders at all levels must be committed to live the company values and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We must continue to do everything in our power to keep the culture of the company grounded in our integrity.”

— Mike Petters, HII president and CEO