Enterprise Transformation

Digital media tools such as opt-in texting and mobile apps are transforming the way information is shared with employees and other stakeholders.

Kimberly Nastasi, communications director at HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division, says utilizing digital media tools is “about ensuring that the messages we have that define who we are, our mission and our purpose are reaching the stakeholders that it needs to.”

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Additive Manufacturing

With additive manufacturing, parts are made layer by layer, which provide opportunities to incorporate new features that can’t be accomplished with traditional manufacturing, such as casting and forging.

Daniel Hebert, an engineer at HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding division, says, “I started off on carrier new construction, and being able to reach back and see the products and the components that we worked on then, how additive can affect those, and how we’ll use additive in the future to improve those items has really been an amazing, amazing project.”

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“HII has transformed its approach to employee benefits and wellness,” says Karen Velkey, corporate vice president of compensation and benefits. “We’re highlighting all of our programs across all three of the areas that we focus on, which is healthy body, healthy wallet and healthy mind.”

“BeWell” provides employees the tools to take ownership of their physical and mental health, and their financial futures. “If you really step back and if you’re able to take a look at where we were — in my case 18 years ago –it’s a huge change. We have made huge strides.”

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Transforming HII, Every Single Day

“Transformation is about doing more today than you did yesterday,” HII President and CEO Mike Petters says. “Getting stronger, faster, more effective, more efficient. And with the right innovations and people, that’s what we’re doing at HII every single day.”

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Know Your Numbers Program

Amy Iveson, HII’s manager of health and wellness strategy, says the recently launched “Know Your Numbers” campaign is an important component of HII’s transformation.

“It’s saying that well-being is important,” she said. “In my 30 years of health care experience, I have never seen a company invest so much in well-being. That alone is going to transform not just the company and the culture, but it’s going to transform the business by employees being able to bring their best selves to work every day.”

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Talent Development Labs at Ingalls

Ingalls Shipbuilding‘s Talent Development Labs—a year-old partnership with Gulf Coast high schools—are another example of how the division is developing the shipbuilders of the future.

“The talent labs are transforming our communities,” said Edmond Hughes, Ingalls’ vice president, Human Resources and Administration, “by allowing us to show students what are the careers that are available and the options that are out there for them if they want to remain here in the community.”

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Ingalls' Workforce Development

HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division is transforming workforce development with its Signing Day and Future Shipbuilder Discovery Day initiatives.

“Signing Day is really important for our students because … they’re choosing to go to work instead of go to college,” said Victoria Hunt, manager of Ingalls’ Shipbuilder Academy. “So we wanted to make sure that our students knew that it was just as amazing for them to receive job offers at the age of 18 than it was to go to college.”

Laser-Scanning at Newport News Shipbuilding

HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding division is using laser-scanning to transform the work done on aircraft carrier catapult troughs during a refueling and complex overhaul.

“It shows the forward-thinking process that we’re looking at,” said Woody Woods, a Newport News designer, “bringing the technology in and changing the game and not building the ships the way we used to—leveraging the technology to improve that process.”

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How Do We Build A Transformation Culture?

“Everybody has to recognize that where they are in their current position today, there are improvements that could be made along the way,” Melanie Anderson, vice president of human resources at HII’s Technical Solutions division, said at this year’s vice president offsite. “They shouldn’t wait for an external force to suggest something needs to change or improve or a customer wants something different.”

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HII Talking Points Podcasts on Transformation

Dec.17, 2018: Brian Cuccias on Enterprise Transformation. Brian Cuccias, president of HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding division, discusseshow the “Shipyard of the Future,” changes in onboarding new employees and Ingalls’ Ideas Program are transformational.

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Nov. 27, 2018: Andy Green on Enterprise Transformation.  Andy Green, president of HII’s Technical Solutions division, says “Transformation means we’re doing something totally different from the way that we used to do it.” He shares how TSD is transforming itself and the services business.

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Nov. 6, 2018: Jennifer Boykin on Enterprise Transformation.  Jennifer Boykin, president of Newport News Shipbuilding, continues the discussion on Enterprise Transformation. She shares how NNS is transforming the workforce and the leadership factory, and how the company is leveraging current technology.

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Oct. 17, 2018: Scott Stabler on Enterprise Transformation.  HII Executive Vice President and and Chief Transformation Officer Scott Stabler provides an overview of transformation efforts at HII.

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Aug. 28, 2017: Mike Petters on Innovation and Disruption. Hear from HII President and CEO Mike Petters talk about what they mean for HII.

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